Fox Edges Fast Melt Rapide Load PVA Bag Refills

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Size: 55 x 120mm
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  • Available in 85mm x 140mm, 75 x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm to fit large loading tool
  • Also available in 55mm x 120mm and 60mm x 130mm to fit small loading tool
  • Available in Fast Melt for winter use or in shallow water
  • Slow Melt options also available for summer use or in deep water
  • The Slow Melt bags are increased micron meaning they are thicker and more robust
  • Refill bags feature actual sized 2D image on front that represents the perfect size of bag they can make
  • 25 bags in 85mm x 140mm, 55mm x 120mm and 60mm x 130mm
  • 20 bags in 75mm x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm


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