Fox Carp Fishing NEW Rapide Load PVA System Bags 2 sizes

Size: 75mm x 175mm
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  • Eliminates the need for PVA tape to tie the solid PVA bag
  • Makes tying a solid PVA bag easier than ever before
  • Use the unique tool to fill the PVA bag and tie it too
  • Two sizes of loading tool available – Large and Small
  • Large tool works with 2 different sized PVA bags – 85mm x 140mm and 75 x 175mm
  • Supplied with Orange loading tool, Black locking collar, 25 Fast Melt PVA bags (20 for 75mm x 175mm and 85mm x 140mm)
  • Supplied in a handy plastic moulded tube to keep everything dry and organised

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