Flagman Ultra Feeder Bream And Carp Hooks

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Flagman Ultra Feeder Bream and Carp Series 6 (306BN) is a new series of high quality Flagman hooks made in Japan. Flagman Ultra Feeder 306BN - bream-carp-shaped hooks with a wide bend, forged prying, short forend with a ring for tying and a long straight sting directed at the eyelet with laser sharpening. The Ultra Feeder Bream and Carp Series 6 hooks offer superior grip and maximum bite performance. Made of thin steel wire with high-quality anti-corrosion coating BN - "black nickel". Ideal for both feeder and float fishing for white fish with voluminous baits of plant and animal origin. The sharpest sting and neat goatee guarantee effective striking and confident retention of any biting fish, causing it to a minimum of damage. Depending on the size of the intended catch and rigging, you can easily select the required size of hooks. The package contains 12 pcs.

Type: Single
Type of fishing: Float, Feeder
Coating: Black Nickel
Quantity: 12 pcs.


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