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Reel with front brake designed for float fishing with Match rods. Relatively small, light, but thanks to the 6: 1 gear ratio, it is able to wind 95 cm of fishing line with one crank in one turn, which saves a lot of time when fishing for a float at a fast pace at greater distances. The low profile reel is predestined for the use of thin lines. There is a metal clip on the side of the spool, which does not damage the line when clipping. The improved reel shaft ensures a very high quality of placement of the line on the spool. The enlarged skewer is coated with a high-quality paint and prevents the fishing line from spinning. The step-adjustable front brake allows very precise adjustment of the braking force, which is useful when using thin lines and fishing for stubborn fish.


Weight: 270 g
Size: 3500
Reel per crank rotation: 95 cm
Braking force: 6 kg
Spool capacity: 0.2 мм / 215 м, 0.22 мм / 140 м
Gear ratio: 6.0: 1
Number of bearings: 5 + 1
Type winch: With tipper
Coil material: Aluminum alloy
Idle brake: Without idle brake Brake
location: Front brake
Winch utilization: Match
Youtube: https://youtu.be/v_j8T0sZGd8

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