FLAGMAN Joker 135SF lures

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Flagman Joker 135 SF is a classic minnow wobbler designed specifically for jerking. The lure has a weakly pronounced game of its own, therefore, it is advisable to use a uniform lead only against the current or at a high winding speed. When jerking, for which the wobbler is intended, it makes long sideways movements along an arcuate trajectory, and after stopping for a while it shakes its sides (rolling action) and begins to slowly emerge, thereby provoking even the most well-fed predator to attack. The Flagman Joker 135SF is an all-rounder that can work perfectly at any jerk speed. Shows flawless results both on aggressive jerk wiring and soft twitching. The wobbler is noisy and very sonorous. Equipped with a long distance magnetic system. It has a small positive buoyancy, which, on the one hand, allows you to bypass underwater obstacles, on the other hand, it is easy to keep the bait in the most attractive tracking horizons. Complete with reliable fittings, sharp and light VMC tees. Most of the Joker 135 SF models are coated with a unique paint that glows in ultraviolet light, which is an additional incentive for the predator to attack the bait.

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