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Flagman Deezer is a series of sinking minnow wobblers, the most efficient in fast water. The lures are ideal for both fast river rides and calm waters. The Deezer's flattened, elongated, humped body has excellent aerodynamics. This allows you to effortlessly cast the wobbler over fairly long distances. In addition, this body shape minimizes water resistance in strong currents, which allows any wiring to be carried out without hindrance. Other advantages of the Deezer Flagman are the ABS (Advanced Balance System) and the bright, glowing in the ultraviolet, coloring of body parts of some models.
When driving this wobbler, it is recommended to use a series of short wrist jerks, alternating with pauses and pulls. It also responds perfectly to jerks with the tip of the rod, as a result of which it goes sharply to the side, sparkling with its flat sides, and plays very attractively on pause. Flagman Deezer spinning lures are available in three sizes: 45, 55 and 65 mm. They can be safely attributed to versatile lures, which are successfully used for catching trout, perch, pike, pike perch and asp in various conditions and on a wide variety of water bodies.

 Weight: 4.4 g
Buoyancy: Suspension
Depth: 0.4-0.8 m

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