Flagman Armadale Feeder Reels

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Flagman Armadale Feeder - a series of power reels with a front brake, designed for feeder fishing. The reels have been designed to provide the angler with the highest level of reliability. The low-profile, lightweight, aluminum spool is equipped with two bearings for trouble-free winding even under heavier loads. The conical end of the spool edge minimizes line friction during coincidences, thus extending the length of the coincidence itself. There is a plastic "skirt" under the spool, which prevents the line or cord from slipping under the spool. The crank is screwed directly into the internal mechanism, which extends the endurance of the winch itself and minimizes play. The increased diameter of the gears in the internal mechanism helps to increase performance and reduce wear. Improved axis ensures precise line placement, the internal mechanism is securely housed in a durable plastic cover. Armadale Feeder will not disappoint you even with more demanding hunting and the use of heavier assemblies. - Front brake - Low profile aluminum spool - 7 + 1 stainless steel bearings - Finely adjustable front winch brake - Anti-Twist grinder - Computer balanced rotor - Aluminum crank is screwed directly into the mechanism - Flat rubberized handle - Metal clip for line or cord - Gear ratio 4.6: 1 - Soft case


Weight: 385 g
Reel per crank rotation: 76 cm
Spool capacity: 0.3 / 100, 0.25 / 150, 0.2 / 215
Gear ratio: 4.6: 1
Number of bearings: 6 + 1
Reel type: With tipper
Reel crank position: Universal location - on both sides
Coil material: Metal alloy
Brake location: Front brake


Weight: 402 g Spool
per crank rotation: 90 cm
Spool capacity: 0.2 мм / 220 м
Gear ratio: 4.6: 1
Number of bearings: 7 + 1 Reel
type: With tipper
Coil material: Aluminum alloy
Idle brake: Without idle brake Brake
location: Front brake



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