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Flagman Areata is a series of classic miniature S-shaped spoons, designed specifically for fishing in fast mountain rivers. To the surprise of the developers, the spinner turned out to be so successful that it is deservedly popular not only among adherents of stream fishing, but also among amateurs and athletes who practice trout and char fishing in paid reservoirs, as well as among hunters for pike, perch, ide, chub , asp with ultralight gear. All models of Areata micro-vibrators are distinguished by exceptional manufacturing precision and the highest quality paintwork. Equipped with durable forged winding rings and single VMC hooks with an oversized ring. The original colors have been extensively tested by sports anglers and proven to be highly effective in numerous competitions.
The lure moves in the water quite actively, and its game is characterized by an average amplitude and frequency. Despite its light weight, the Flagman Areata is well resistant to the incoming stream, making it successfully used when fishing in any current. At the same time, the activity of the game is absolutely sufficient for fishing in stagnant water or for posting downstream. This lure has excellent flight performance. Diving on a stretched line, it begins to crumble, changing the direction of the fall, which actively attracts even a well-fed and inactive predator.

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