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Ecogear Premium Edition VT 8cm 20g Sinking


Lures ECOGEAR enjoy a well-deserved reputation in the domestic market spinning lures. Floating wobblers models have relatively low penetration and are designed primarily for fishing in the coastal zone of large bodies of water or small rivers. The main object of these wobblers fishing in the middle lane - pike, perch ...
Structurally, lures are made of plastic and are equipped with high-quality tees "OWNER" of the Japanese firm. Almost all models are wobblers noise chamber. Quality assurance (each lure is tested).

Series Rathlin Ecogear VT 20G / VT 30G has been specially designed for catching redfish. Since the advent of the Japanese market VT 20 VT 30 G and G changed the principles for creating sibassovyh baits. Loud rattle and extremely bright colors and able to stir privelech inactive fish to attack.

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