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Ecogear SX 4cm 2.5g Floating

Ecogear SX 4cm 2.5g Floating


One of the original, and the greatest, of all Bream hard-body lures, the Ecogear SX-40f is a staple in almost all amateur and tournament Bream anglers tacklebox. The lure itself has withstood the test of time and come out as being the lure most others are compared to. With a nice, tight shimmy action, this little lure can be slow-rolled as well as twitched and will get down to around 1.4 – 1.5 meters in depth. The SX-40f can also be trolled from a boat at low speed or in a kayak, along structure or a contour line with good results.

The lure is designed for Bream, but has also been successful with Flathead, Tailor, Flounder and most other small estuary species.

The Ecogear SX-40f comes standard with Owner ST36BC #14 trebles, although the new colours (397 – 541) all come with Decoy trebles. These hooks ensure that the lure catches fish as well as looking great!

Ecogear SX-40f features:
Origin – Japan
Designer – Takayoshi Orimoto with Australian Pro Staff influences.
Target Species – Bream
Lure Type – Floating / Diving
Body Shape – Shad / Baitfish Profile
Weight – 2.5g
Body Length – 40mm
Colour Choice – 31 colours sold within Australia
Depth Range – 1m to 1.5m depending on the line class used.
Action – “Tight Shimmy” with a slight body roll

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