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Duo Beach Walker 90S - Flounder Gold

Duo Beach Walker 90S - Flounder Gold


The Beach Walker was designed to target Flounders. Although this lure has a specific swimming action and range settings to accurately and successfully trace a productive zone that tends to get rough, its solid performance means it can also be used with confidence under a large variety of conditions.

The Beach Walker 90S was designed to match the generally lighter tackle used in the flatfish game. The 16g body weight may seem slightly heavy for its 90mm length. However, it not only casts well, it also has a positive response while swimming.

The Beach Walker 90S comes in handy in conditions when the Beach Walker 110S feels too heavy for the rod being used, or when the bait-fish are small.

  • lenght: 90 mm,
  • weigth: 16,0 g,
  • sinking (S),
  • depth: 0,6-1,0 m,
  • hook: SPMH #6

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