Drennan wide gape micro barbed eyed hooks

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Drennan Wide Gape Specialist Micro Barbed hooks are short-shank, eyed and have a bronze finish.

Key features:

• Eyed
• Bronze
• Micro Barbed
• Special Bend
• Forged
• Short Shank
• Reversed
• Curved and Chemically Etched Needle point  

    Available in the following sizes:

    Size 4 – Normally tied to lines between 8lb and 12lb. With it’s long curved point and wide gape it makes an excellent hook for pellets, meat and paste baits and is ideal for Carp and Barbel.

    Size 6 – Hooking ratios are often improved with Wide Gape patterns and this size 6 is just as strong as a size 6 Super Specialist because at 0.84mm it is slightly thicker in the wire. Normally tied to lines between 6lb and 10lb.

    Size 8 – Curved points seem to hold in better and less fish are lost. Being curved, they are also less prone to blunting and damage than straight points. This size 8 in 0.76mm gauge wire is normally tied to lines between 5lb and 8lb.

    Size 10 – Pellet, meat, paste, worm and mini-boilies all fish well on this size 10 Wide Gape Specialist in 0.71mm wire, they are strong enough for big Tench, Bream and Barbel and are normally tied to lines of around 4lb to 8lb.

    Size 12 – This size it’s wide gape and curved point is an ideal shape for a wide range of baits and makes an excellent mini hair-rig. in 0.64mm forged, high carbon wire it is normally tied to lines around 4lb to 7lb.

    Size 14 – In 0.56mm gauge wire these are small enough to produce lots of bites and are strong enough to be used for big fish. An excellent size and shape for a wide range of baits they are normally tied to lines of around 3lb 8oz to 6lb.

    Size 16 – A great small bait hook. Ideal for soft pellets, small pieces of meat etc. it is small enough to produce bites and strong enough to land big fish. Normally tied to lines of 3lb to 5lb 8oz.

    Size 18 – Ideal for small pellets, maggot, caster and other small baits, Wide Gape Specialist are extra strong in the wire and heavily forged to further enhance the strength.

    Size 18 in 0.49mm high carbon wire is normally tied to lines around 2lb 8oz to 5lb.