Drennan Series 7 Carp & Silverfish Mono line 100m

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Series 7 Carp & Silverfish Monofilament is a great all-round line with a high performance and excellent knot strength.

An excellent line with all the right characteristics, extra supple, durability, knot strength, linear strength and behaviour, we can’t fault it!

Perfect for the pleasure or series match/commercial angler. This line is perfect for carp and silverfish and is available in several breaking strains on both 100m and 250m bulk spools.

The Range:

100m spools:

  • 2.9lb (0.14mm/1.31kg)
  • 3.4lb (0.16mm/1.54kg)
  • 4.6lb (0.18mm/2.09kg)
  • 5.6lb (0.20mm/2.54kg)
  • 6.9lb (0.23mm/3.13kg)
  • 8lb (0.25mm/3.63kg)
  • 10lb (0.28mm/4.54kg)
  • 12lb (0.30mm/5.45kg)

250m bulk spools:

  • 5.6lb (0.20mm/2.54kg)
  • 6.9lb (0.23mm/3.13kg)
  • 8lb (0.25mm/3.63kg)
  • 10lb (0.28mm/4.54kg)
  • 12lb (0.30mm/5.45kg)


  • Extra supple
  • Durability
  • Knot strength
  • Linear strength


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