Drennan Pure PTFE Bushes – Internal

Size: 5 - elastic 6 to 8
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Drennan Internal Pure PTFE Bushes are made from 100% pure PTFE and are much longer than most other pole bushes to ensure perfect contact between the bush and the elastic.

To fit, the pole tip should be cut back in small stages until a perfect push fit is obtained.

Two PTFE bushes per pack.

Available in the following sizes:

  1. No1 (diameter: 1.2mm internal, 1.8mm external)
  2. No2 (diameter: 1.4mm internal, 2.0mm external)
  3. No3 (diameter: 1.6mm internal, 2.2mm external)
  4. No4 (diameter: 1.8mm internal, 2.4mm external)
  5. No5 (diameter: 2.0mm internal, 2.6mm external)
  6. No6 (diameter: 2.2mm internal, 2.8mm external)
  7. No7 (diameter: 2.4mm internal, 3.0mm external)
  8. No8 (diameter: 2.7mm internal, 3.3mm external)

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