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Drennan Pure PTFE Bushes – Bull Nose - VIVADO

Drennan Pure PTFE Bushes – Bull Nose


Drennan Bull Nose Pure PTFE Bushes are made from 100% pure PTFE. The bull nose helps the elastic run smoother and protects your pole from damage when the elastic retracts back.

A special Carp size is also available in three sizes, which is ideal for both hollow and larger solid elastics.

To fit these bushes, the pole tip section should be cut back carefully, removing any sharp edges until a tight push fit is obtained.

Two PTFE bushes per pack.


  • No1 (dia­meter: 1.2mm internal, 1.8mm external)
  • No2 (dia­meter: 1.4mm internal, 2.0mm external)
  • No3 (dia­meter: 1.7mm internal, 2.3mm external)
  • No4 (dia­meter: 2.0mm internal, 2.7mm external)
  • No5 (dia­meter: 2.3mm internal, 3.0mm external)
  • No6 (dia­meter: 2.5mm internal, 3.4mm external)
  • No7 (dia­meter: 2.8mm internal, 3.8mm external)
  • Carp1 (dia­meter: 3.2mm internal, 4.8mm external)
  • Carp2 (dia­meter: 3.5mm internal, 5.2mm external)
  • Carp3 (dia­meter: 3.8mm internal, 5.6mm external)


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