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Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 13ft rod


The Matchpro Ultralight 13ft (3.96m) float rod is ultra lightweight, low in diameter and boasts a fast tip action.

It features super high modulus carbon construction with full SiC guides and is ultra rigid with no excess middle or tip bounce. This provides a rapid strike response while helping float control and minimizing tangles. Despite this crisp and fast action, it has a deceptively gentle shock-absorbing tip section which cushions the strike and allows you to fish right down to hooklengths of 12oz or even 10oz (0.07mm to 0.06mm) with complete confidence. At the other extreme, Chub, Bream and Tench can be caught fishing 3lb or 4lb lines straight through.

The action is so forgiving that many fish can simply be gently wound in ‘off the reel’ without the need for ‘pumping’ and simply allowing the rod to react to the movement of the fish.

The rod is so light and well balanced, it is an absolute pleasure to use. Whether trotting a float down a flowing river or repeatedly casting a waggler in a stillwater, the Matchpro Ultralight can be fished for long periods without fatigue.

Manufactured in a traditional three piece construction, the blank will fold up and fit into the Matchpro small rod sleeve if required.

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