Drennan Fluorocarbon Fly Leader 50m

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Fluorocarbon Fly Leader has a refractive index that is very close to that of water and as a result is very difficult to see underwater. 

50m spools:

  • 3lb (0.18mm/1.4kg)
  • 4lb (0.20mm/1.8kg)
  • 5lb (0.22mm/2.3kg)
  • 6lb (0.24mm/2.7kg)
  • 7lb (0.26mm/3.2kg)
  • 8lb (0.28mm/3.6kg)
  • 10lb (0.30mm/4.5kg)
  • 12lb (0.32mm/5.5kg)


  • Leader material
  • Same refractive index as water