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This incredible hardbait has an attractive, snake-like barrel and is thus irresistible 
to all sorts of predators. It is very easy to fish with its diving shovel, especially for the anglers, 
who have recently become involved with this exciting species of predator fishing . 
Its excellent swimming characteristics make it suitable for most water depths. 
For surface fishing as well as to a depth of about 3 meters. 

Technical details:
- Deceptively real design 
- New swimming behavior, similar to that of Softbaits 
- Extremely sharp SUMO triplets 
- Powerful circlips
- Made of durable ABS material 
- 25Kg load capacity 
- 5 unparalleled, fantastic colors 

- Floating 
- Weight 55g 
- Length 165mm 
- Diving depth 0 - 3m


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