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Crazy Fish Vibro worm Lures


VIBRO WORM is the most versatile shad. It becomes indispensable if the purpose of hunting is bass, medium-sized pike, pike-perch. And can bring some happiness to a fisherman by such unexpected trophies as carp, crucian and bream. Allows you to use all the possible types of retrievings, as due to its softness comes into operation at the moment of falling into the water! The properties of edible baits «Crazy Fish» increase their efficiency with amino acids and proteins contained in the attractant. A wide range of scents will find the key to the most capricious fish! VIBRO WORM performed in 6 scents and flavors - anise, fish, fried fish, shrimp, squid and garlic.

  • Size: 50mm, 75mm, 85mm
  • Material: slow sinking with salt
  • Weight: 50mm - 0,9g, 75mm - 2,07g, 85mm - 3,25g
  • Qty per pack: 50mm/8pcs, 75mm/5pcs, 85mm/5pcs
  • Available attractants: anise, fish, roasted fish, shrimp, roasted garlic, squid

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