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Crazy Fish Ebisu Violet spinning 2.15m 3-7g


Crazy Fish Ebisu is a high quality "precision mechanics" ultralight spinning rods, suitable for micro and even nano jig, as well as delicate for use with other class ultralight lures. Ebisu series includes 3 models with tests to 3g, 5g and 7g, but the same series of the budget class "VIOLET" with lilac design, and a higher-end Japanese fittings equipped golden tones colored "GOLD". Both Ebisu patterns of variation Blanca is identical, produced in Japan TORAY factory from highly modular 30T + 40Т graphite, the difference is that VIOLET used budget-class Korean SiC rings and equipment (although the quality really is not bad), while the "GOLD" feature Fuji Japanese original furniture and used Fuji SiC-O-Concept LIFEBUOYS. Well and, of course, a series of distinguishing color design. Spinning rod shortened and facilitate continuous type of EVA reel holder with cork elements provide excellent balance and ease of use. Ebisu All models have a monolithic type Paste (solid) spices, which colored in white, their stems are fast (fast) shares, providing good throw characteristics and high sensitivity. Crazy Fish Ebisu is an excellent choice for ultralight aesthetes who like to really win a real duel with a fish using a fine, light and elegant tools able to assess the design and functionality.

In general, to admit that one of the fastest growing brands in the fishing area of eastern Ukraine - CRAZY FISH,
who up to now, our market was more known as a good budget class decoys manufacturers have managed to create a really great spinning rods. Respect!

  • TORAY graphite blank (Japan)
  • SiC guides
  • solid tip
  • fast
  • PE #0.3-#0.8
  • 105g spinning rod

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