Cralusso Pro Carbon Waggler float

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Pro Carbon waggler's floating, professional operation, hobby and competition also meet the highest expectations of anglers. With our river fishing float models, their users  have won numerous world, European and national championship titles . In accordance with the needs of anglers  , we have built a unique waggler float, which provides unique sensitivity and ease of use thanks to its innovative solutions , both in terms of material and operation  . We have built an extremely sensitive conical carbon tube stem into this floating model , which , thanks to its sleek design, produces a wind and wave resistant design as well as, sensitive, spectacular high displacement, lifting bites.

What makes it unique and professional:

  • Built-in lead-tungsten weight system with bearing-mounted rotor that does not break or be damaged in the event of a drop
  • Polyurethane body match float, which does not get soaked in case of injury
  • Golf aero dynamic interface helps our waggler swimmer to fly
  • Calibration solution to achieve the most accurate, fastest, simplest antenna setup. It can be adjusted up to 1-2 mm or 0.005-0.01 g
  • Unique adapter antenna system can accommodate 25 types of antennas, regardless of size, shape or color.
  • We have equipped our match float with 5 antennas of different colors, sizes and sensitivities in a demanding package
  • The combination of these features and the careful manual machining and assembly that takes place in our plant provide our waggler swimmer with unique operation and  premium quality and usability. 

For the angler, the  Navigator Match Sinking marked fishing line is recommended , with the help of which we can assemble a truly professional fishing tackle.


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