Cralusso Feeder Energy Prestige line 150m

Size: 0.22mm
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Cralusso believe different disciplines of fishing require a line specifically designed for the purpose and that each line must possess the correct properties for its intended use. 

Cralusso Feeder Energy line is recommended for feeder fishing.  Dark Red/Brown in colour, it is very resilient and has a medium sink rate.  The lines super low friction surface ensures fast movement through the water and positive contact with the fish. 

This " Prestige" fishing line as the name implies, will satisfy the highest demands of modern anglers.


Length (m) Dia. (mm) Breaking (kg) Breaking (lbs)
150 0.18 2.80 6.10
150 0.20 3.43 7.56
150 0.22 4.31 9.50
150 0.25 5.39 11.88

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