Cralusso Arrow waggler floats

Size: 10g
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Incorporates a removable brass disc weight system and, of course, all the usual Cralusso innovative features:

  • Thanks to the versatile and adaptable antenna system, twenty Cralusso sight tips can be used with this float. Three tips are contained in each pack.
  • The stem of the float is made from a material that is very strong and will remain straight without becoming twisted or curved.
  • The calibration system helps quick, sikple and accurate adjustments, with 0,05g graduations being possible.
  • The aerodynamics are improved with surface indentations ( as on a golf ball) which reduces air resistance and increasesstability.

With this float we wanted to bring all the features together to create the No.1 very best possible waggler. The ARROW waggler ensures an aerodynamic flight, high levels of sensitivity and offers a multifunctional, easy to use float. The longer stem offers the following advantages:

- Generates extraordenary stability and distance in flight.
- The body and main weight of the float sits deep in the water and it is therefore less influenced by wind and surface skim
- The long float aids the important task of getting your line deep in the water

Transportation of the long float is not difficult as the stem and the body separated. This allows the carrying of made up rods where required with no risk of float damage.


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