Shimano Yasei Soul Swim Swimbait 23cm (110g) SLow Sinking

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If you are looking for a realistic artificial lure to catch the largest pike and zander, the YASEI Soul Swim is a great option, especially in clear water. With its realistic appearance and superb swimming action, the 230 mm version is an ideal lure for larger pike, while the smaller 160 mm version will attract larger pike and zander. When worked with a simple constant retrieve, the Soul Swim produces a natural swimming action that mimics a moving baitfish, making it ideal for covering a lot of water. Alternatively, use a "twitch" or "jerk" action to make it move erratically like an injured or struggling baitfish to attract wary predators. Product information

- Length: 23cm
- Weight: 110g
- Versatile
- Slow sinking swimbait
- Soft tail and fin
- Realistic look
- Great swimming action
- Can be attached to 2 points
- Two different running depths
- Also ideal for twitching and jerking!


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