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Pontoon 21 Deep Rey lures 10.5cm 32.9g - Floating

€11.90 €12.50

The internal balancing system of Pontoon 21 DeepRey consists of metal balls with different special gravity. The usual task of the balancing system is to provide good castability of the lure. But the main task of DeepRey balancing system is to balance the lure so that it could achieve the maximum depth, keeping the maximum of stability in action.

DeepRey is reinforced with internal metal frame and is ready to meet with trophy fish living in big water depth. No doubt, they will meet because DeepRey is created to provoke for attack, not only by action: the special chamber contains several glass rattlers, creating attractive sound.

Equipped with OWNER trebles ST-36BC

Running depth: 4-5m

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