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Browning Competition 1kg


Grand - a groundbait that works equally well in slow currents as it does on stillwaters. The mix is sweet, does not bind too firmly and attracts fish like a magnet. As is traditional from Browning, we only use the highest quality cereals, particles, spices and flavours. To mix the groundbait to the correct consistency, we recommend that it is thoroughly dampened around one hour before using and then passed through a medium-sized riddle. Grain size: medium. 

River - to ensure groundbait reaches the bottom of rivers with a fast flow or deep water, the mix must be heavy, bind well and not break up on the way to the bottom. It needs to sink quickly and not be swept out of the swim, and also be capable of carrying large quantities of loose feed. These are the exact properties that make our River Competition mix one of the best flowing-water groundbaits on the market. We only use the very best ingredients combined with a sweet mix of flavours and spices. The red particles used give the groundbait that final kick of attraction. Grain: Medium

Method - Its essential that a method feeder groundbait binds sufficiently to hold on the method feeder on long casts, remains in the feeder while sinking, but then release quickly on the bottom to create a cloud without any active particles. We’ve combined all of these properties in our Method Competition groundbait and have used the highest quality ingredients and flavours. With its light and reddish colour, the combination of fish pellets and fish meal, and unique consistency, the groundbait is sure to be immediately effective on even heavily fished waters. Grain: very fine

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