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BFT Stiff Jerkbait Stainless Leader 30 cm, 2-Pack

BFT Stiff Jerkbait Stainless Leader 30 cm, 2-Pack

The BFT Stainless Jerk Trace leader is a lure leader that is constructed from 80lb breaking strain single strand stainless steel.

The stiff wire leader does not feature a crimp connection, instead the leader is secured via barrel wraps providing a reliable and strong connection. At one end of the leader, there is a formed wire loop for connecting your main line too. The other end of the leader contains a formed loop that houses a crosslock snap for securely attaching your lure of choice.

The idea behind the stiff leader ensures your jerkbait lures do not come into contact with your mainline at any time. The rigidness of the leader ensures when the jerkbait glides to the side that it pushes the mainline away from the lure.

This eliminates the chances of the lure tangling and also reduces the risk of a pike biting through your line during a slackline bite.

The BFT Stainless Jerk Trace is 12" ( 30cm )in length and there are 2 provided per pack.

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