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Berkley® Trilene® Fluorocarbon 100% line 100m

Berkley® Trilene® Fluorocarbon 100% line 100m


New to the Berkley stable, this formula of fluorocarbon has set the benchmark in invisible lines. Traditionally, fluorocarbon has a very high memory, is very brittle and knotting is always an issue. However when they made fluoro, they broke the mould! This line is strong but limp, with a superior knot strength and castability that is unrivalled. Pick up a pack and you will feel how heavy it is straight away – this line sinks like a brick, and is perfect for fooling wary fish. Ideal for carp mainline, bass spinning, hook lengths and tippets, there are two tints in this fluoro, an ultra clear and a green tint fluoro that’s perfect for fishing in weedy waters. Just think of the possibilities!

  • Maximum invisibility
  • Maximum durability
  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Color - Clear
  • Length - 110yd | 100m
  • Diameter - 0.007in | 0.18mm, Break Strength - 4lb | 1.8kg
  • Diameter - 0.010in | 0.25mm, Break Strength - 6lb | 2.7kg
  • Diameter -0.011in | 0.28mm, Break Strength - 8lb | 3.6kg
  • Diameter - 0.012in | 0.30mm, Break Strength - 10lb | 4.5kg
  • Diameter - 0.013in | 0.33mm, Break Strength - 12lb | 5.4kg

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