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Berkley NanoFil Uni-filament Fishing line 50m Hi-Vis Chartreuse 0.0912mm/4.012kg


Nanofil is not a monofilament. It is not a braid either…

It is the next generation of fishing line!

This ultimate line is composed of hundreds of nanofilaments Dyneema which are dependant molecularly and worked in a single line. Dyneema, the most resistant fiber of the world gives this resistance, and the single filament allows same feelings as a monofilament.

We designed a product which has a very thin diameter for an exceptional resistance. Thanks to its very smooth texture, Berkley nanofil allows to cast longer while while always beeing accurate. It is also the first plain-filament which can be used as well by the coarse fishermen, Match, bolognese. The fresh water fishermen, at sea, the hunters of specimens or those which seek beautiful trouts will appreciate all makes it carry out longer casts without to overdo too much thanks to Nanofil. It is not about a monofilament, nor of a braid. It is quite simply about a new generation of line called Plain-filament. Nanofil is made from polyethylene gel, a little like monofilament. It has then hundreds of fibers Dyneema (the most resistant fibers to the world) dependant between them what gives on Nanofil an incredible solidity. The manufactoring process used for Nanofil allows to obtain a product as flexible as monofilament. As soon as you will use it for the first time, you will be very agreeably surprised. It is in any case, which reported to us our testers when they received for the first time Nanofil Berkley. During the tests, they immediately understood that they used something of different. To use Nanofil advisedly (knots to be realized) a small booklet is inserted inside each limps.

1 - To extract the reel from its packing.
2 - One can see on the face of the reel, low part, a a smallrrow which indicates that the label should be raised.
3 - From there, a small folder appears or are indicated the knots to be used.

Advantages of NanoLine:
·Longer casting distance
·Exceptional precision
·Zero elasticity: exceptional sensitivity
·Incredible strength with this diameter
- No memory: no tangle


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