OSP Asura II 90 SP

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The original Asura OSP was released in the spring of 2001, and the mold has reached the end of its life due to continued production every year. There is a reason that it has continued to defend its position for many years without allowing others to follow. The first three hooks in the 9cm class are used, and the hooks are not entangled while the front hooks are placed closer to the rear where it is difficult to entangle the line. By developing low-ride eyes while being a slim body, it is possible to get over the weight ball eye and roll to the tail. Adopting the horizontal eye, the hook points are evenly distributed on the left and right to increase the hooking rate. The body cross-section is square instead of a circle, increasing the volume and increasing the weight to make it suspend, increasing its own weight and increasing the flight distance. On the flat side, flashing during jerk and pause is strong and the number of bytes increases. The balance between free winding and jerk performance, which was often neglected, is cleared by the use of a post-piercing lip that maintains strength even when the base is thin. Asura OSP has been at the forefront for many years because it has been packed with new functions to separate others.

Mold renewal that had the option to go with the same design as the original Ashura OSP II reborn in 2019 . However, the development know-how cultivated so far and the specifications adjusted by modern buses increased the fishing results and selected different design approaches to further increase their value. By changing the lip, we made the part that was slightly fluttered in the early winding natural, and realized a sharp jerk including a momentary setback to give an instantaneous speed. The original back stab lip has a forward tilting posture caused by the weight of the surrounding lip and the lip that penetrates the body, which is absolutely necessary for the structure. In addition, a strong eye tune due to the left / right displacement of the lip caused by the left / right clearance that is necessary for manufacturing. The integrated lip with the best settings improves straightness and makes the floating posture more horizontal. The fixed weight is also changed from a round ball to a low center-of-gravity plate weight to improve free winding stability and restoring force from the roll. The hook is changed from heavy to regular wire to prevent short bite. Asura II is an advanced version of the original high performance, overwriting the new performance to capture modern buses.

  • Length: 92.5mm
  • Weight: 8.4g
  • Type: Suspend
  • Hook Size:  # 8


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