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This classic spoon shape has never gone out of fashion and  still remains one of the most commonly used lures today. Much loved by Trout and Salmon anglers in the two smallest sizes, and by Pike anglers  in all sizes. These lures continue to account for some of the largest fish caught on rod and line on a regular basis. The Copper outer colour is contrasted by the Silver electroplated inner surface creating a pulse of colour in the water. 

These original Allcock Copper & Silver spoons are made of extra thick copper, which gives them extra weight. This extra weight means that the lures are easily cast and can punch through windy conditions with ease. The Allcock Copper & Silver spoons gained their reputation through captures of exceptionally large fish, and were often used  when trolling in the large midland lakes of Ireland and on the Shannon system with devastating effect. 

This lure is the number 1 favourite amongst generations of UK anglers.
There are sizes to choose from the small 1.5 inch through to the large 3 inch version weighing 36 grams. You can fish for anything from Perch, Trout and Walleye to Muskie and Pike – in fact anything predatory will take these lures.
The Allcock Extra Heavy Copper spoon is Copper on the outside and Nickel on the inside, its plated – not painted! You will get years of service from these high quality spoons.

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