Megabass Vision ONETEN LBO SW 11.5cm 14g

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Size: Constan Gigo II
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The ONETEN LBO SW features the lightning-quick LBO II moving balancer system. The LBO II is powered by silky-smooth ball bearings, transferring weight with fearsome speed and energy to dramatically increase casting performance in windy conditions. Thanks to the LBO II’s. virtually frictionless movement lure action begins from the first turn of the reel handle, eliminating lost bite chances at the end of the cast. The lower center-of-gravity of the LBO II powers an incredibly wide roll-axis and sharp, high-pitch action with overwhelming flash that is impossible to achieve with traditional spherical moving balancers. This powerful flashing effect reaches across a wide area, calling targets from great distance. The ONETEN LBO SW’s extreme performance and ease of use will bring you overwhelming results against game fish such as seabass, flatfish, and sea trout.

  • lenght: 115,0 mm,
  • weigth: 14,0 g,
  • floating (F),
  • depth: 0,9-1,7 m


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